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The Verdict is in... The signs that light the World, are helping to destroy it.


Fluorescent tubes are very hazardous to the ozone and have little regulation. I’m sure there’s not one sign company in your area that takes these lamps to the proper disposal facility. Some cities are regulated, but even then, not everyone complies.


There are hundreds of millions of Fluorescent Lamps that are broken each year. This gas is extremely dangerous and something needs to be done.
Most “Neon Lighting” contains mercury and there is no regulation or accountability for neon disposal. When it breaks, the mercury escapes onto the ground and ultimately into our water systems. Be sure of one thing, one day it will break!
Our goal is to offer you the most affordable option to help you do your part.
We offer a variety of services for every advertising budget. If we all do our part, we can make a difference! A difference for our future generations.
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